Orthotex Knee Stabilizer – Spiral Stays

The OTC 2541 is constructed from Orthotex fabric, a breathable, non-latex alternative to neoprene that offers excellent comfort, compression, and release of heat. Due to its ability to release heat effectively, the 2541 is ideal for use in warm climates. The design of the 2541 incorporates spiral stays for stability, yet flexibility with the natural extension of the joint. Conveniently, the buttress is divided into quarter sections and may be removed with scissors to create custom application of pressure. The support is offered in sizes ranging from small up to 4X-large.

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Orthotex Knee Stabilizer – Spiral Stays

This OTC knee stabilizer is made from Orthotex fabric, an open 3-dimensional knit that is a non-latex alternative to neoprene. It offers breathability, elasticity, therapeutic compression, comfort and heat control. It is less “hot” to wear than neoprene, thus appropriate for long term wear or wear in warm climates, and ideal for wearers who are allergic to or irritated by neoprene fabric.

Product Features

  • Spiral stays provide moderate medial/lateral stability, yet flex and extend naturally with the joint
  • Multi-function buttress surrounds kneecap (patella) and provides compression and stabilization
  • For precisely targeted pressure over soft tissues, any combination of buttress quarter sections can be removed by using scissors to cut through the slits on the interior pocket
  • Upper and lower hook-and-loop encircling straps maintain stabilizer in correct position; straps are adjustable and removable
  • Sheer mesh elastic opening over back of knee for additional wearing comfort
  • Perforated material is “breathable”, lets perspiration and moisture to escape for extended wearing comfort
  • Convenient pull tabs to help put on and take off with ease
  • Low profile Velcro allows for a personal contour of the knee. Velcro does not get caught on other articles of clothing

Available Sizes

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-large
  • 2X-large
  • 3X-large
  • 4X-large

Measurement Chart

X-SMALL 12 – 13 INCHES / 30.5 – 33 CM
SMALL 13 – 14 INCHES / 33 – 35.6 CM
MEDIUM 14 – 15 INCHES / 35.6 – 38.1 CM
LARGE 15 – 16 INCHES / 38.1 – 40.6 CM
X-LARGE 16 – 17 INCHES / 40.6 – 43.2 CM
2X-LARGE 17 – 18 INCHES / 43.2 – 45.7 CM
3X-LARGE 18 – 19 INCHES / 45.7 – 48.3 CM
4X-LARGE 19 – 20 INCHES / 48.3 – 50.8 CM


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Additional information

Weight 0.64 kg
Dimensions 34 × 12 × 26 cm

Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge

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