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C-211 / Therapeutic Knee Guard

The C-211 provides relief for knee pain caused by abnormal tracking or alignment of the patella. The brace incorporates a tubular pad to provide extra uplift around the patella, ultimately helping to relieve minor knee pain. Conveniently, the C-211 is designed for all-day comfort, and it can be fitted on the left or right knee.


C-211 / Therapeutic Knee Guard

The Champion C-211 Therapeutic Knee Guard targets the physiological causes of minor knee pain due to abnormal tracking or alignment of the patella. It works in concert with the motion of the knee, applying pressure to the joint liner and patellar tendon to assist in the relief of minor pain.

Product Features

  • Tubular pad provides extra uplift around the patella for proper function, and to help relieve minor knee pain
  • Engineered for enhanced performance and all day wearing comfort
  • Sporty black color
  • Can be worn on either right or left knee


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