My mom is at home alone now so what can I do to make sure she is safe in her home?
There are many items available at all our locations to make sure your mom’s home is as safe as possible. Some of these items include bathroom safety, such as grab bars, bath chairs, raised toilet seats etc. Also included are lift chairs and stair lifts, to name a few. Please contact our product consultants to discuss all options that are available.
I purchased my scooter from another company, will your company repair it?
Yes, we service most models of scooters regardless of where they were purchased.
Dad is getting out of the hospital soon and he is still a bit weak, when walking what would you suggest?
You may want to rent a 2-wheeled walker or transport chair to help them get around.
What is the difference in compression socks?
Compression stockings are available in a variety of materials, lengths, and compression strengths. 8-15 mmHg are your basic diabetic sock; 15-20 are also available over the counter and 20-30 mmHg and above are prescription grade and a special order. This grade of compression requires a prescription from a doctor stating the strength and length (e.g. calf or thigh). You will need to be measured by one of our certified compression stocking fitters.
I am having knee surgery next month; can I rent or purchase the items I need?
We rent a variety of equipment for your post-surgical needs. You may also choose to purchase the equipment. If you decide to purchase the equipment after one moth of your rental the cost will be deducted from the purchase price.
I am moving my parents into my home and are using a wheelchair; what are my options to make the front of my home accessible?
We have service technicians that will come out and assess your home and make recommendations, such as ramps, and lifts (there are many different options for lifts).
How often should I change my CPAP mask?
If you have insurance coverage it is a good idea to check with them to see how often they will replace them. Most insurance companies will replace your mask every 6 months, but you should replace the mask at least once a year. All other supplies such as water chamber and hose are usually covered by insurance companies once a year.
How often should I change the filters in my CPAP machine?
CPAP filters should be changed one a month. Dream Station machines have a secondary filter as well and this filter should be changed every 6 months.
I purchased a new mask and it is not comfortable, what can I do?
If your mask was purchased from Living Well it comes with a 30-day guarantee. Just call to book and appointment with one of our CPAP Specialist and they will help you find a mask that works for you.

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