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OTC 8712 / Heel Wedge Shoe

The OTC 8712 accelerates healing after surgery, trauma, or situations involving wounds on the heel. The 8712 offloads the heel by shifting body weight to the middle of the foot, promoting healing. Additionally, the 8712 incorporates a square toe design that provides increased protection for the toes, while a cloth toe protector keeps the toes warm and ensures dressings stay clean and dry. A firm ankle strap provides a comfortable fit while also eliminating heal friction.


OTC 8712 / Heel Wedge Shoe

Offloads the heel by shifting weight to the mid-foot to promote faster healing after surgery, trauma or when wounds are present on the heel.  The square toe design provides more room in the toe box for a better fit.  Unique forefoot closure provides uniform security, and cloth toe protector keeps toes warm and dressings clean and dry.  The ankle strap seats the foot firmly in the sold and eliminates heel friction.

Measurement Chart

SMALL MEN’S 6 – 8 / WOMEN’S 7.5 – 10
MEDIUM MEN’S 8.5 – 10 / WOMEN’S 10.5 – 13
LARGE MEN’S 10.5 – 12 / WOMEN’S N/A
X-LARGE MEN’S 12.5 – 14 / WOMEN’S N/A


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