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OTC 2892 / Petite Lumbosacral Support

The OTC 2892 is a lumbo-sacral support used for the stabilization of muscles, ligaments and tendons in the lower back. With its encircling uplift panel and flexible boning, the 2892 offers support and stability for the abdomen, as well as reduction of pressure on the lower back. Conveniently, it can be worn inconspicuously under the majority of clothing. In addition, the 2892 is able to accommodate two optional semi-rigid metal stays for extra support.



OTC 2892 / Petite Lumbosacral Support

This lumbo-sacral support is made from the finest quality beige elastic materials. It effectively stabilizes the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the lower back, offering relief from pain and discomfort. The encircling uplift panel provides additional support to the abdomen and relieves pressure over the lower back. Flexible boning in the back panel additional support and stability. If pain persists, consult a physician.

Product Features

  • Lightweight ribbed elastic provides firm, form-fitting support to the low back
  • 8-inch back panel for petite figure covers lower back area for maximum therapeutic benefit
  • Includes pockets for two optional semi-rigid metal stays
  • Adjustable layered elastic lifts the abdomen to relieve painful pressure over the back
  • Flexible stays offer added support and stability
  • Tapered front for optimum wearing comfort
  • Hook and loop closures for easy fastening and adjustment
  • Can be worn inconspicuously under most clothing

Available Sizes

  • Universal
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-large

Measurement Chart

SMALL 29 – 32 INCHES / 73.6 – 81.3 CM
MEDIUM 33 – 36 INCHES / 81.3 – 91.4 CM
LARGE 37 – 40 INCHES / 94 – 101.6 CM
X-LARGE 41 – 44 INCHES / 104.1 – 111.8 CM
UNIVERSAL 29 – 44 INCHES / 73.6 – 111.8 CM


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