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Invacare Pegasus Metro Scooter

$3,949.00 $3,159.20

 The Pegasus METRO is equipped with an illuminating headlight system, rear brake lights and left and right turning indicators.


The Pegasus METRO is equipped with an illuminating headlight system, rear brake lights and left and right turning indicators.

Proprietary Speed Reduction Technology automatically reduces the scooters speed as it corners, ensuring safe, comfortable maneuvering.

In addition, a two-step brake disengaging lever prevents the scooter from free-wheeling and being knocked out of drive mode.

These features have been extensively tested in independent labs and in the real world to optimize your driving experience.

The suspension system on the Pegasus METRO has been designed to navigate a variety of everyday surfaces and terrains, allowing you to relax and enjoy a controlled, sturdy drive, in comfort.

Its powerful motor, combined with 11″ non-marking pneumatic tires, will take you smoothly and safely over obstacles or uneven ground. By using an array of quality components, the Pegasus METRO is an exceptionally dependable scooter.

The electronics and the motor are protected from corrosion and water, which safeguard the vital workings of the scooter against dirt and prevent any malfunctions and worry.

    • Ergonomic design make steering safer and easier, requiring less force.
    • Speed Reduction Technology – Slows the unit while cornering to ensuring optimal control into and out of the turn.
    • Two-Step Brake Disengagement Lever – Prevents the accidental release out of drive mode.
    • Fully Programmable Electronics.
    • 360 degree rotating seat with fore/aft and height adjustment and reclining back.
    • Available in 10 Colour Options: Jasper Red, Marble White, Jade Green, Diamond Silver, Sapphire Blue, Crystal Copper, Luxor Beige, Electric Blur, Carmine Red, and Iconic Chrome.
Overall Width: 26″
Length: 50″
Ground Clearance: 3″
Basket: 8¼” D x 12″ W x 9″ H
Seat Base to Floor Pan Height: 17¼” – 20¼”
Seat Width: 20″
Seat Depth: 18½”
Back Height with Headrest: 27″ – 29″
Back Recline Adjustment: 90° – 130°
Length of Arm: 14″
Seat to Top of Arm Height: 7″ – 10″
Width Between Arms: 20″ – 22½”
Maximum Battery Size: 2 x 12V, 50Ah
Charging System 8Ah off-borad
Speed: 12km/h (7.5mph)
Estimated Travel Range: 42km (26miles)
Motor: 4-pole, 550 W – 1550 W
Product Weight Capacity: 300lbs.
Tires: Pneumatic 11″ (4.10/3.50-5)
Product Weight: 125.5lbs
Warranty: Two year limited warranty against manufacturing defects (excluding upholstered materials, padded materials and tires/wheels). Six months on batteries (sold seperately). Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover normal wear.

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