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Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear


The Fisher and Paykel Simplus Full Face CPAP mask is designed to offer patients a strong seal, maximum comfort, and ease of use. The mask features a simplistic frame that is compatible with any type of seal size. Additionally, the Simplus includes adjustable headgear and the trademark RollFit Seal, which lessens pressure on the bridge of the nose. With its user-friendly design and full functionality, the Simplus Full Face Mask from Fisher and Paykel offers a complete package at an appropriate price.

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The Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face CPAP mask was designed to work in harmony with the way patients naturally breathe while they sleep.

Fisher & Paykel masks are designed and renowned for:

  • Comfort: Facial comfort is achieved through unique cushioning technologies which contour the face. Together with innovative headgear designs, greater comfort is today being achieved by lighter masks, softer seals and small frame profiles.
  • Seal: An optimal mask seal is offered and achieved in each delivery category. All are designed to minimize leakage and maximize therapy adherence.
  • Easy Use: With a focus on Simplifying SleepLife, our family of masks are designed to be easy in every respect: set-up, cleaning, adjusting and sleeping. Just fit and forget.

Simply Fits + Performs 

The F&P Simplus incorporates three key components: the RollFit™ Seal, ErgoForm™ Headgear and Easy Frame, all designed to work in harmony.

RollFit™ Seal: Auto-adjusting to optimize an effective, comfortable seal.

The RollFit™ Seal is a one piece seal that ‘rolls’ back and forth on the bridge of the nose. This automatic adjustment minimizes pressure on the bridge of the nose.

ErgoForm™ Headgear: Stretch and non-stretch panels provide structure and support for optimal usability and performance.

This breathable headgear self-locates high on the rear of the head allowing for maximum head movement (side-to-side, up and down) without mask dislodgement.

Easy Frame: Easy to wear, see and sleep.

This low-profile frame is stable, durable, small and ensures a clear line of sight. This is a one-frame-fits-all-seal-sizes and has an ‘Easy-Clip’ Frame attachment for effortless assembly after cleaning.

Designed for the needs of Patients

The F&P Simplus is the result of intensive research and development, many prototypes and thousands of design hours. We consulted patients, equipment providers and clinicians from around the world to develop a mask that simply fits + performs.


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