Zorbi Commode Pail Liners

Commode Pail Liners are a single use medical device to be positioned over a commode pail and is equipped with a super absorbent pad which turns bodily waste (up to 17 oz) into gel within seconds.


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ZORBI™ bags are an easy and efficient way to dispose of liquid human waste while minimizing its contact with equipment and staff.

ZORBI™ bags, pads and powder are a quick and convenient method of disposing of liquid human waste while minimizing its contact with equipment or staff.

All ZORBI™ bags contain a water-soluble pad of ZORBI™ made from Super Absorbent Powder.

ZORBI™ bags help reduce the risk of cross-contamination by making it easier to contain and control liquid human waste.  In as little as 30 seconds after contact with liquid, the super absorbent sachet expands to contain 600 ml of organic liquids and waste, which reduces the risk of splashing and spills during transport and locks in odours. The bags can then be sealed and disposed of quickly and easily.

The liner is easy to use, convenient and safe, eliminates odors and avoids spills and splashes.

It provides comfort and dignity to the patient and their family.

  • Protects staff and equipment.
  • Fits most bedpans and commode seats
  • ZORBI Hygenic bags contain a water-soluble pad of super absorbent powder
  • Helps control infections and saves staff time
  • Block odors
  • Convenient and easy for staff, caregivers and environmental services to use
  • improve quality of care and quality of life
  • 12 per box, 6 boxes/case

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Dimensions 50.2 × 38.1 × 2.54 cm

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