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CPAP Sleep Therapy Devices

There are now many models of CPAP machines, masks and accessories available. Your doctor and medical supplier can help you find the ones that fit you best.

For CPAP therapy, you need:

  • a prescription from your doctor
  • a CPAP mask
  • a CPAP machine

Many people also use a humidifier, or a heated humidifier.

You may also want to buy a battery pack so you can use your CPAP machine in places where you can’t plug it in (camping, etc.) or during a power outage.

Your prescription for CPAP

To get a CPAP machine, you should get a prescription from your health care professional . Your doctor’s prescription will say what pressure your CPAP machine needs to be set at. For insurance purposes, the prescription should also mention your CPAP mask and humidifier.

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